The one, simple thing that will fix your business

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In this week’s show we’re talking about something that’s very important to your business. Very important to every business out there. But something that only a handful of businesses actually have!

Do you find that you don’t know what products to create? What niche to do business in? Which customers to serve, what content to produce, what tools to use etc.? The list goes on! If so, then you need to check this out. We’ll take you through some simple, actionable tips that you can start using in your business today.

In the Content Report this week, Mike goes back to the epic Robert Kiyosaki, this time with Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing. Which you can actually get free at that link! And we’ll also be talking about creating a solid mission statement for your business…(hint!).

Let’s get to it!

Just want the highlights?

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