The top digital content types you should be using

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In this week’s show we’re talking about content. More specifically, the actual types of content you should be using in your business to attract, engage and convert your audience from a simple traffic statistic to money in the bank.

Content is big business. They even named a whole area of marketing after it (which in itself is pretty ridiculous, as all marketing is based on content – but nevermind about that just now!). All the so-called ‘gurus’ out there make it too complicated. So we’re here to break it down. Like we always do. No fluff. No BS. Just plain useful…content. These are the top 10 types of content you need to have in your business. Simple.  

This week’s Content Report (this show is definitely doing well on the organic SEO for ‘content’!) see’s Mike talking about a very interesting book by Dr. John Schindler – How To Live 365 Days a Year. Originally published in 1954, there are some timeless pearls of wisdom to be had. I also delve into a great blog article on keyword research on the OptinMonster blog by Sharon Hurley Hall. A very thorough and comprehensive starting point for getting your keyword strategy right.

Let’s get to it!

Just want the highlights?

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sell your brand show ep.44 - the top digital content types you should be using