How to decide a price for anything

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That’s right. Anything!

Your products. Your services. Your stuff up in the attic that’s been there for years and you’ve always been meaning to get rid of it but don’t particularly find the act of crawling around dirty, dusty places to drag heavy boxes down appealing. No? Just me?

We’re gonna take you through a powerful 4-stage formula for knowing what to charge and how to make it profitable for you and your business. We all have fears about scaring off customers, being rejected and losing sales due to high prices. In the end however, it’s not the price that scares people off. It’s the level of value on offer. There’s a price point for everyone. And here’s how you get to yours.

This week’s Content Report sees us talking about The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. And we also get a bit design focused with Tubik Studio’s 9 Effective Tips On Visual Hierarchy.

Let’s get to it!

Just want the highlights?

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