21 proven steps to killer content

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In this episode, we take you through the exact process to create a killer piece of content. That’s 10,000 words of pure epicness, stuffed with hooks, triggers, info and content upgrades to rapidly turn your readers to avid fans. Long form content is the number 1 way of building authority within your niche. Who else would write 10,000 words on something specific, giving away tons of useful tips if they’re not an expert? I’ll let you in on a little secret from the off – you don’t even need to be an expert to create one!

We also look at the excellent The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg to kick of this week’s Content Report. A fascinating insight into how habits affect our behaviour and decision making. What they’re made up of. And how to change them! We also talk about another one of Sumo’s epic guides – 134 Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic. You’ll never be lost for ideas again!

Let’s get to it!

Just want the highlights?

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