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In this episode, we go through the best actionable methods you can implement in your business today to boost your email list growth. Doesn’t matter if you literally have no-one just yet and want to get your first people through the door, or you’re looking to build on the hundreds you have already! Forget your social followers - the truth is you don’t own them and they can be taken away from you at any time. What if Facebook changes its rules? What if Twitter shuts down? Your email list is yours however - no-one can take it from you. So the bigger you make it, the more people you’ll have to interact with on your terms - and these are the ways you do it!

In the Content Report this week, it’s finally here! Mike’s book is out there in the wild! From Single To Scale by Michael Killen goes through the 3 fundamental laws of scale, teaching small, micro and single person businesses the entire process of how to scale their business to profit. A proven method from practical, driven and down-to-earth guy that’s helped him grow his business to where it is today! Highly recommended. We also go through Buffer’s great guide to writing better tweets - a must for enhancing your Twitter engagement!

Let’s get to it!