UPDATE: The Freelance Authority Formula is now available! Learn the exact, complete brand strategy system I used to build BRANDSNACK from nothing to an impactful, branded online presence in just a few short months. Time to raise your brand game and take your authority to the next level!


In this episode, we’re going specific for all the wannabe online course creators out there! If you have an online business and you have great content, an online course is a great addition to your product and revenue streams. But how do you go about setting one up? What options are available and which are at the top of their game? We go through all of this and what YOU need to think about to pair you up with the best one for your needs.

In the Content Report this week, Mike forgot that we already featured the Content Machine by Dan Norris, so he’s only gone and talked about it again! Not a bad thing though as it is an excellent book. I’ve stuck to the plan and chosen something that is actually new in this fantastic Buzzsumo article about top performing social media headlines by platform - a thoroughly interesting read!

Let’s get to it!

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