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In this episode, we look at the art of professionalism. Contrary to a lot of the ‘extraordinarily helpful’ advice out there, being professional is not about wearing a suit and avoiding office politics. Thank you to the majority of the job sites out there, but you’ve missed the mark completely! Being professional in yourself and in your brand goes deeper than that - it’s about your values, what you believe in and how you tackle everything that life throws at you. We run through the top ways to feel more professional and look more professional in the eyes of your audience.

In the Content Report, we have a good ol’ chin wag about Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone - it’s all in the title really on that one! A ‘punch you in the face’ motivational book that’ll get you wanting to get up and really do something with your life! We also talk about the fantastic Femtrepreneur by Mariah Koz - a treasure trove of amazing advice for all online course creators from one of the most down-to-earth, honest people out there.

Let’s get to it!

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