STOP being scared of your to-do list!

STOP being confused about what to do next…

STOP ‘doing’ just for the SAKE of it.

  • START having full control over your brand activities!

  • START knowing exactly WHAT you should be focusing on to achieve your goals!

  • START knowing WHY you're doing things and how they fit into your overall business plan.

  • START knowing what NOT to do with your brand - what would be a complete waste of your time and wouldn’t help towards your goals.

  • START knowing what you should offer your customers, both as a product/service and as an experience.

  • START knowing exactly WHO your brand is - what it should believe in, what it should stand for, what personality it has and how it should communicate with your customers.


...I HAD to get it right!

Before I started BRANDSNACK, I was stuck in a job I hated. After moving from a previous job I hated!

I was depressed doing overtime at work, my social life was non-existent and I barely got to see my family.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.


I now had no job, no money, no plan.

I had a mortgage, a growing family to support (my second daughter was due in just 6 months!) and only a vague idea for a business.

Talk about pressure, right!

I needed to build my brand and make it successful - FAST!

...EXACTLY where you are now!

Completely overwhelmed 

By everything you have to do in your business? Product/service development, customer service, social media promotion, email communication etc. Not to mention all of the general admin tasks of running a business!

Struggling with so many things to do 

You don’t know where to begin? Staring more at your to-do list than actually doing any of it! Decision paralysis!

Seriously confused

About where you should be putting most of your efforts to get the best results? What’s gonna sky-rocket your growth and what’s just gonna waste your time and money?

Not knowing how

To fit all the ideas you have for your brand together. Are all of them REALLY that great? Do they actually complement each other? Which ones should you just forget about completely?

Constantly anxious

That you’re just ‘winging it’ with no real plan to back you up? No solid, compelling reasoning as to WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re actually doing them?

Working hard with little to show for it 

Putting the ‘hours’ in, but not really being productive. Putting products, services, content out there, but not seeing much interest?

...SAVED my brand (and my family!)

A little dramatic! But true...

I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including The Walt Disney Company, SEGA and Kraft Foods.

I’ve had over 10 years experience managing these massive, global brands.

I’ve also helped small businesses and startups build their epic brands completely from scratch.

I know that the quickest way to build business focus, customer trust and industry authority is by nailing your brand!

So I created THIS formula.



Your story is one of the most important foundations to your business and brand. It sets the tone for who you are and what you’re about. It’ll define why you exist - your passions, your drive to succeed. Your story will be unique to you. By knowing yours, you’ll know where you’ve come from and where you’re going (and your customers will too!).



Your business personality defines your brand. It may or may not be the same as your own personality. Remember - your business is a different ‘person’ to you and must appeal to your audience. It’s there to be their best friend, their teacher, their role model. It’s the blueprint of how you present yourself to your audience - look, feel, tone of voice. How you connect with your audience. By knowing your brand’s personality and sticking to it in everything you do, you’ll build trust and empathy from your audience.



Your brand values represent what your business stands for, what it believes in. A constant code of conduct, giving you guidelines on the WAY you do business. If something goes against your values, it doesn’t belong in your brand or business.



Your promises are the way your audience experience your values every time they interact with your brand. They need to be specific, relatable and relevant to your audience. DON’T BE AFRAID TO PROMISE! Promises are another vital component in building trust. Whatever you promise your customers, make sure that everything you do delivers on them. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.



Your reputation is how you want people to FEEL about your brand - what you want them to say to others about you. Every activity you do in your business should result in making your audience feel the way you want them to. The better you make people feel, the more they’ll share it with the world!



Your solutions, be they products, services, free content, must always solve a specific set of problems. Problems are based on wants, however what someone wants might not always be what they need. They NEED your product. But they WANT a better life in some way - more happiness, less pain. Your job is to connect the dots - take them on the journey from wants to needs. All your activity should be aimed at doing this.


...for ANY business in ANY industry!

That’s the POWER of it!

This process is UNIVERSAL.

A proven route to quicker sales, quicker revenue and quicker profits!

Now, money isn’t the be all and end all. But it’s a necessary evil. It’s what I needed to make my business viable and sustainable. To start living the life I wanted!

From getting my brand direction right, I’ve seen huge success with my business. I now work how and when I want to. I spend quality time with my family. I no longer need to worry about money.


I also get to help business owners all over the world improve their brands, their businesses and their lifestyles.


It’s not unique to me. I haven’t done anything special to get here.

I’ve just followed a process. A formula that’s allowed me to build my brand and business to where it is today (and where it will be tomorrow).


You’re exactly where I used to be. The only difference is I’m just a few years ahead of you.

I want YOU to get the clarity and focus to build the brand, business and lifestyle you deserve. To not worry about money. To have time to enjoy life. To be proud of the impact you have on the world.

  • The 6 VITAL questions you need to ask yourself to define your own unique, inspiring brand story. The most important foundation of your business direction and brand!

  • How you can use the extremely powerful 12 brand archetypes to tailor your business personality. The basis of who you are that builds strong, trusting emotional connections with your customers.


  • How to use the ‘Negative Twist’ technique to define your brand values. What your business stands for. It’s guiding compass. Your yardstick for every single thing you do in your business.


  • The complete, definitive list of all 32 brand value categories and 497 brand value types you can start using for your business IMMEDIATELY.


  • The 7 things you NEED to have in any promise you make to your customers to instantly bypass their fears and make them TRUST you.

  • My #1 SECRET to make people feel how you want them to about your brand. How to control your reputation through consistent positive emotions, at every stage of the buying process.


  • My own in-depth list of the 25 types of positive emotion we all feel and how these relate psychologically to your brand.


  • How and when to best use your customers’ WANTS, PROBLEMS and NEEDS to direct your activities and make them buy! (HOT TIP - they’re NOT all the same thing!)


  • The most common and relatable WANTS and PAINS that your customers will have, and how best to use these to focus your brand offers, messaging and communication.

To COMPLETE brand clarity


6 jam-packed modules

That’ll give you my EXACT process to define your story, personality, values, promises, reputation and solution for complete brand focus.

Full video training

For each module where I personally take you through every step with examples to guide you. Easy to learn. Simple to implement.

Over 60 worksheets

Split into 6 individual workbooks covering each area of the program for you to download and complete.

100% online platform

So you can go through the program anytime, anywhere, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The best support

From myself and our driven, creative community of passionate business owners just like you! All in our epic private Facebook group.

Lifetime access

To the program. Pay once, use it forever! Start as soon as you join or dive in later down the line whenever it suits you.



Especially big, powerful changes that can drastically turn things around and kickstart a new chapter in your life.

It’s the ‘unknown’ that puts barriers in the way to us improving ourselves.

So to help, let me answer a few of the most common questions I get…


Q. Will this work for me?

Yes! The only people this program won’t work for are those that already have a stellar understanding of their brands and business. But they wouldn’t be searching for help. For everyone else, this program will bring much needed clarity and focus to everything they do.

Q. I haven’t started my business yet, can this program help me still?

Most definitely! In fact, it’s probably the best time to go through this process for your upcoming business activities - and get clarity BEFORE THEY HAPPEN! Start your business off on the best foot. Don’t get halfway into it and realise you’ve made mistakes, want to go another route, or aren’t seeing the results you expected.

Q. I already have a brand, but it doesn’t fit my business anymore, will this program help?

Yes! This program will take you step by step from the very beginning. To make a complete change to your brand. To regain direction that you’ve lost somewhere along the way. These are the foundations of any brand - get them right and everything else starts to make sense.

Q. I thought branding was all about colours, fonts and logos - what’s this got to do with all that?

Funnily enough, the visual side of branding (colours, fonts, logos, imagery etc.) are the very final piece of the puzzle. The tip of the iceberg! But they all come from and are built on a solid strategy. A strategy of knowing who you are, why you exist and where you’re heading. This program defines your purpose. The visuals use psychological hooks to convey your purpose to your audience. You can’t have the right brand design without the clarity and focus in your business first to support it.

Q. When can I access the program?

As soon as you join, you’ll have IMMEDIATE access to the program. No waiting around for others to join or a set date in the future.

Q. If I join today, do I need to start today?

Not at all! You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the program. Take the course whenever you want. Raring to go now? Great! Dive right in! Wanna take advantage of the offer but not ready to start just yet? No problem! It’ll be there, waiting for you as soon as you need it.

Q. How long does the program last? Can I go at my own pace?

You can definitely go at your own pace. Cram it all into a week! Spread it all out over a year! Whatever works best. It’s completely up to you.

Q. How many hours a week will this take?

That depends on you and the amount of effort you put into the process. As a good guide however, 2 - 3 weeks working a couple of hours a week should get you the best results.

Q. Do I need any extra software or tech to take the program?

Got a computer? Good. Got an internet connection? Great! You’re all set. This program is completely online. Just open your browser wherever you are and away you go.

Q. What’s your refund policy?

If my process truly doesn’t bring an ounce of clarity to your business in 30 days, then I’ll refund you the full cost of the program. No questions asked. I’m really not here to take people’s money. I’m here to HELP people get the same amazing results that I’ve had.


100% YES!!

It’s allowed me to quickly make my business successful by understanding and following a clear purpose, and live the life I want. It’s also worked for many other business owners just like you!

This is the FASTEST way to get clarity with your brand!

Ultimately there are 3 options you can choose from:


Try and do it yourself

Spend countless hours searching online for answers. Trying to piece it all together in some sort of order. Not knowing what advice out there is actually helpful and what’s just plain BS. All the while your to-do list keeps eating your sanity.

Settle for unproven products from questionable ‘experts’

The internet’s full of them. People that talk a lot but don’t say anything of value. People that don’t have the knowledge and experience to get you the results you’re after. People that you wouldn’t listen to in real life because they’re not REAL, and they don’t understand you because they haven’t been there themselves!

Use my proven, tried-and-tested process

A process that’s been built from years of working with the world’s biggest brands. A process that’s worked for me and others just like you to kickstart their business growth and deliver results QUICKLY. All from someone that’s been there, that’s felt the same frustrations you do and that’s actually used it to change their lives completely. get full clarity with YOUR brand?

Are you really SERIOUS about pushing your business forward?


This program ISN’T for you if...

  • You’re fine with settling for where you are now. To keep getting the same results you always have because you ‘like’ the way you currently do things.

  • You have enough time or money that they’re not precious to you. You don’t mind if you waste them and aren’t using them as productively and effectively as possible.

  • You want to continue being ruled by an ever-growing to-do list rather than being in full control of it. Priority, focus and order don’t really bother you. You just do the things you feel like.

  • You ‘know’ you’re creating the right products, the right services, the right messaging and the right sales pitches...even though you don’t have anything to back that ‘knowledge’ up.

  • You’re not interested in being the best you can be. In making your business the best it can be. In taking that first small step to big things with your brand and changing your life completely.


This program IS for you if...

  • You’re fed up of feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do in your business. You want to be in full control!

  • You’re frustrated with your beast of a to-do list stressing you out! You want to know EXACTLY what you should be doing, WHEN and WHY.

  • You’re bored of constantly wasting time and money on things that don’t matter and aren’t getting you results! You want to know where best to put your efforts to see the most success.

  • You want to stop being distracted by new ‘shiny’ ideas that aren’t relevant to your business. You want a filter to pass ideas through to help you decide what to do and what to forget about.

  • You’re worried that if you keep on going without any sort of real plan or purpose, your business will never reach its full potential and you’ll be stuck in the same place you are now 5 years down the line! You want a definitive plan, unique to your business that tells you who it is, what it does, what it stands for and how it does things.


I started BRANDSNACK to help people, not take their money.

I want to give driven business owners like you simple, powerful methods for building the brands, businesses and lifestyles they want and deserve.

I truly believe that any business can see massive progress very quickly if they implement everything in this program.

But if you honestly don’t feel it’s working for your business, I PROMISE you won’t lose out.

I run a 100% RISK-FREE policy!

If you give this program a good shot and you’re not convinced that it’s improved your business within 30 days, I’ll happily refund you in full! No questions asked.


Join the program NOW and kickstart your brand!

Get the clarity, focus and direction you need to start seeing real business growth and success.

You’re ready to take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL!